Maple Apple Crisp (or How to Bake Yourself Happy)

Maple Apple Crisp

Though generally content, I have lately found myself battling bouts of dissatisfaction. I covet the people responsible for a “sold” sign outside my favorite Craftsman home, the piles of primary-colored leaves in the background of friends’ Instagram photos, the couple on my Facebook feed trekking blissfully across Europe. Even girls wearing bright red lipstick or ballerina buns have found themselves in the crosshairs of my jealousy (I’m looking at you, Lauren Conrad), seeing as I am unable to follow such trends without resembling a clown or a toddler.

I rarely voice such complaints, recognizing they’re both absurd and outrageously outnumbered. Continue reading


Blueberry Breakfast Cake (or How to Make Friends at Work)

7.15.14 blueberry coffee cake

A few years ago I came across a recipe dubbed “Engagement Chicken.” The writer claimed each of her daughters had received long-awaited marriage proposals after making the meal for their boyfriends. I’ve learned how to make a mean chicken, but I don’t think anything in my recipe repertoire would inspire someone to put a ring on it. However, I swear this blueberry breakfast cake helped lead to my first promotion. Continue reading