Lemon Yogurt with Strawberries and Pistachios

Lemon Yogurt with Strawberries and Pistachios

First, a confession. This post has been in draft form since Mothers Day, when a colorful and easy-to-assemble breakfast recipe would have been truly appreciated. I spent a lovely May evening on our apartment patio, jotting down musings on motherhood while sipping a nice Pinot noir. But when I returned to the keyboard the next morning, I found instead a scrawled manifesto on why motherhood terrifies me. (And any piece of prose that includes the line “NO I WILL NOT GIVE UP CHEESE FOR YOU, YOU WRINKLY, KNEE-FACED HUMAN” has no place in Mothers Day literature.) Continue reading

Orange and Almond French Toast

Orange and Almond French Toast

If you ever run into my husband at a party, there are a few topics of conversation that are sure to get him talking. The collapse of the American auto industry. The ridiculously high cost of cell phone plans. The latest episode of The Walking Dead. But nothing will get him more animated (or more opinionated) than if you bring up two little words: New Jersey. Continue reading

Blueberry Breakfast Cake (or How to Make Friends at Work)

7.15.14 blueberry coffee cake

A few years ago I came across a recipe dubbed “Engagement Chicken.” The writer claimed each of her daughters had received long-awaited marriage proposals after making the meal for their boyfriends. I’ve learned how to make a mean chicken, but I don’t think anything in my recipe repertoire would inspire someone to put a ring on it. However, I swear this blueberry breakfast cake helped lead to my first promotion. Continue reading